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Resh - Half The Man Chord

Resh - Half The Man Chord

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Bm-A F#m-G
Bm-A D-G

Buckles were fastened,
 thought that the ride was gonna last,
We started crashin, 
I guess we were moving too fast
And just like the thunder without the lightning,
Started to wonder were you still mine and
Bm-A D-G
Would we be perfect ever again
When you love someone, when you love someone,
More than you love yourselves so bad for your health,
Who would ever thought, who would ever thought,
You were the missing piece
Bm A F#m G
Now I'm half the man that I used to be... yeah yeah
Bm A D A
Cause when you walked away you took half of me…yeah yeah
Bm A F#m G
Nothing to say Love, You went away love,
Bm A D G
Now I'm half the man that I used to be…yeah yeah

Bm-A F#m-G

Bm A F#m G
My love was a bullet, you told to me aim at your heart,
Bm A D G
I told you I couldn't cause you would have fallen apart,
Bm A 
And just for the record, we could have made 
F#m G
But you disconnected communication,
Bm A D G
And now it's not worth it never again…yeah

Ulang *

Ulang Chorus

Yeah…now there's a fraction of my heart,
Look what you did to me…yeah mlykrd
Feels like we're shooting for the stars
A F#
Maybe I was reaching too far…yeah

Ulang Chorus


Title: Resh - Half The Man Chord
Artist: Resh
Rate: 4 dari 5
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