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Najwa Mahiaddin - Got To Go Chord

Najwa Mahiaddin - Got To Go Chord

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Intro: F Bb Am C# F# C#m Gm

F Bb Am
This time I’m gonna live my life
Bb F
I ain’t no stepford wife
No I ain’t perfect
C Bb
Gonna find somebody who’s worth it
And no you ain’t that person
Bb C#
Coz i caught you constantly flirtin’
C#m Bb
With my best friend

F Bb Am
So I guess I’ll say goodbye
Bb F Gm Am
I’ll find me another guy
Bb Gm C# F
Why (why why why)
You always makin’ me
Bb C#
Cry (cry cry cry)

No I can’t stand it
Bb C#
No you can’t be my man
Bb C# F
It don’t matter who you are,
Bb A
Even if you were a star,
Bb F
You’ve got to go
Bb Gm
(Go go go go go go)

F Bb
Read my lips I’m leavin’,
F Bb
and no no I ain’t teasin’,
F C#
This time it’s for real,
Am Gm
Gotta find you another girl,
Bbm C#
Coz this one sure ain’t stayin’,
Bb C#
By the time you finish what you’re sayin’
I’ll be gone

Title: Najwa Mahiaddin - Got To Go Chord
Artist: Najwa Mahiaddin
Rate: 4 dari 5
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